How to Get Employees to Report Their Covid-19 Risk

As economies reopen in some parts of the world, employers are striving to protect their staff from contracting and spreading Covid-19. To do so, they need to make it safe for employees to disclose any potential exposure.

One approach is to implement a “random rotation” policy, which entails surveying your employees about their Covid-19 exposure and symptoms. Based on responses, a group of randomly selected employees — along with everyone who reported exposure — are then rotated out of the workplace and tested for symptoms upon their return.

This “random” approach protects the anonymity of those employees who report risk. Workers concerned that they may be sick can safely ask to temporarily isolate without having to expose their personal health information to their colleagues or managers.

You can use this survey approach for insight into other sensitive information, such as mental health issues, burnout, and harassment — all of which may be exacerbated by the pandemic. With these insights in mind, you can then target support to your people who need it most.

This tip is adapted from How to Get Employees to Report Their Covid-19 Risk,” by Laura Boudreau and Sylvain Chassang


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