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Craft a Mission Statement for Your Team

What a year it’s been. As we head into what we hope will be a better, less stressful year for all, you can lay the groundwork for your team to thrive in 2021. Ask yourselves: What’s our team’s mission statement? While it may sound hokey, developing a clear purpose will help you and your team stay unified and on track in the new year as you juggle all of your responsibilities. It’ll also help you set priorities and drop things that don’t fit with your team’s mission. Are you invested in addressing team performance? serving internal and external customers better? Your project execution? Giving back to your organisation? Pursuing formal key performance indicators? Once you’ve identified your teams purpose, come up with a short, snappy, memorable mantra, and repeat it out loud whenever you feel a need to reset. Then set specific, individual goals that align with your purpose. Write them down, and make a plan to measure them throughout the year. This process should be fun for everyone, not another task on your To Do List. Revisit your goals periodically, and plan team activities that allow you to serve your mission as a team. After all, especially in a difficult year, you’re all in this together.

This tip is adapted from What’s Your Family’s Mission Statement?,” by Priscilla Claman


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